Task 3: Creating Face Recog. Model with VGG16 model


Create a Face Recog. Model using VGG16 pre-trained model


Pre-requisites: cv2 module, keras, numpy and pillow library.

Step 1: Created Dataset of images using cv2 module from below code

Step 2: Trained my model by using VGG16 pre-trained model in which i have freezed all layers except last FC layers and created new FC layers using addTopModel function and provided my Dataset

I have reached high accuracy because i have given limited datasets and images were very identical

Step 3: By this our model is trained for our images. Now i used mine image for prediction and it gave perfect result.

So this was my model. For datasets i created both testing and validation datasets and took 400 images for training and 100 for validation for each class using cv2 module.

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