Running Linux Terminal through Flutter App using Firebase

In this project, I made a Flutter app through which you can run Linux terminal commands.


A short overview of this project is that in this app you can run your Linux commands which behind the scene run on an Linux server in cloud through cgi and then the output is stored in Firebase and the data is retrieved from there to the app.


  1. Knowledge of Flutter
  2. Knowledge of Authentication and Firestore in Firebase
  3. Knowledge of cgi and web-server in Linux
  4. How to query through url
  5. My repository:

Here we go:

Step 1: Create a flutter project and link it with your Firebase account. I have already discussed on how to connect your app to Firebase console. You can refer that blog from here.

yum install httpdsystemctl start httpd cd /var/www/cgi-binvim
vim /etc/sudoers
root    ALL=(ALL)  ALL   # Already Present
apache ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL #Add this